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Agents's COBRA FAQs

What services are provided?

COBRA Continuation services include:

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What is the Initial Notification Letter?

The Initial Notification Letter is a letter of notification to newly hired employees and their covered dependents explaining their COBRA rights.

The Employee Benefits Institute of America (EBIA) highly recommends that the initial notice or SPD be sent to the employees' home immediately upon hire. BenefitHelp Solutions sends notices to employees and covered spouses with proof of mailing from the US Postal Service. This ensures proper documentation that the notice has been delivered to the employee and dependents, in case of an audit by the IRS.

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What is the Qualifying Event Letter?

A qualifying event letter notifies employees that their active coverage has been terminated due to a qualifying event and explains to them how they can continue their benefits and the cost of these benefits.

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How do I notify BenefitHelp Solutions when an employee has a qualifying event?

Currently employers notify BenefitHelp Solutions of a qualifying event by mail, e-mail, or fax.

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How much does COBRA administration cost?

COBRA rates vary depending on the number of continuants and services required. For more information, please contact our .

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How will BenefitHelp Solutions provide proof that COBRA Continuation was offered to individuals with qualifying events if audited by the IRS?

BenefitHelp Solutions scans all documents into an imaging system, which can be accessed at any time. This ensures that documents are secured from being lost or damaged.

Additionally, BenefitHelp Solutions receives proof of mailing from the US Postal Service for both the initial notification and qualifying event letters. This proof of mailing is scanned into the former employee's file.

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How does BenefitHelp Solutions ensure good customer service?

BenefitHelp Solutions has a knowledgeable staff dedicated to COBRA administration. We ensure good customer service by:

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What initial and ongoing training does BenefitHelp Solutions provide their staff?

BenefitHelp Solutions has a trained staff dedicated to COBRA administration. Our staff attend on-going Employee Benefits Institute of America (EBIA) training sessions in order to stay up-to-date with Federal COBRA regulations. The consultants at EBIA are also available on a retainer basis for consultation on issues as needed.

BenefitHelp Solutions also has access to the services of Ater Wynne, LLP, our corporate consulting attorneys.

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When should we notify BenefitHelp Solutions of an employee qualifying event?

The employer must notify BenefitHelp Solutions within 30 days of the qualifying event, but it is recommended to do so as soon as possible.

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If a qualified Beneficiary terminates with medical and dental but opts out of medical do we have to offer the dental only for COBRA?

No, you are only required to offer continuation of the same coverage that was in effect at the time of termination. If active emplyees are allowed to select dental only, the COBRA qualified beneficiary must be given the same right.

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Contact BenefitHelp Solutions

To receive more information about our services, contact your agent or BenefitHelp Solutions Marketing Representative by or phone: 503-412-4210 or 888-387-5440.

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