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Prospective Employer's Flexible Spending Account FAQs

What services are provided?

BenefitHelp Solutions provides 7 key components for an effective Flexible Spending Account plan.

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Where will this account be serviced?

Our office is located at 601 SW 2nd Ave., Portland, Oregon. Work hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

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How much does it cost?

FSA Administration rates vary depending on the number of employees and services required. For more information, please contact our .

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How does BenefitHelp Solutions ensure good customer service?

We ensure good customer service by:

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What initial and ongoing training does BenefitHelp Solutions provide their staff?

BenefitHelp Solutions has a trained staff dedicated to Flexible Spending Account administration. All staff Members are trained on the processing system used for claims reimbursements. Additionally, staff Members attend Employee Benefits Institute of America (EBIA) training sessions in order to ensure that all provisions of IRC codes 125 and 129 are adhered to correctly. EBIA is a leading provider of publications and seminars conducted by lawyers specializing in benefits law.

BenefitHelp Solutions is also a member of the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC) which is an organization of plan sponsors, corporations, governments, etc. that acts as a lobbyist at the federal level in the benefits arena.

If the employer is audited by the IRS for compliance with Section 125 regulations, how does BenefitHelp Solutions store information such as: participant information, claims paid and non-discrimination testing requirements, to ensure that this key information is available?

All information related to Flexible Spending Account accounts is scanned into an imaging system and can be accessed at any time.

Contact BenefitHelp Solutions

To receive more information about our services, contact your agent or BenefitHelp Solutions Marketing Representative by or phone: 503-412-4210 or 888-387-5440. For specific account information, please contact a Customer Service Representative at: 503-219-3679 or 888-398-8057.

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