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Employee Flexible Spending Account Enrollment Tips

How to enroll

Your employer will need to be contracted with BenefitHelp Solutions for you to use this benefit.

1. To enroll in the Flexible Spending Account(s) (FSA), please contact your Human Resources (HR) or Employee Benefit department to obtain an enrollment form.

2. Determine how much you expect to spend during the plan year on childcare and medical expenses not covered by insurance by using the enrollment worksheet. You may also want to review the listing of eligible & ineligible expenses to verify that expenses you are considering for reimbursement are eligible.

a. The healthcare maximum is mandated by your employer
b. The Dependent Care tax year maximum is mandated by the IRS at $5,000 per family ($2,500 if married filing separately).

3. Complete the enrollment form you obtained from HR by enrolling in one or more of the accounts offered by your employer. Sign, date and return your enrollment form to your employer. Do not send to BenefitHelp Solutions.

4. Your employer will automatically deduct the amount requested from your paycheck and send it to BenefitHelp Solutions to be deposited in your FSA account(s).

Important Rules to consider before making your annual election

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