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Retireee FAQs

Why did I receive a COBRA notice when I have already signed up for the retiree plan?

Federal law mandates that you be offered COBRA at the time of your retirement. Under the federal COBRA guidelines, loss of coverage due to retirement is a qualifying event.

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Why would I elect COBRA coverage instead of the retirement plan offered by my former employer?

If you or any dependents are on Medicare prior to the qualifying event, you might want to take the COBRA coverage as you cannot be on the retiree plan if you are entitled to Medicare unless your Retiree plan has over-65 coverage.

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If I go on COBRA, can I switch to the retiree plan at the end of my COBRA period or anytime during my COBRA period?

Yes, as long as you maintain continuous coverage and you were covered under a public employer retiree plan. In some plans, if you do not choose the retiree plan from the original loss of coverage date, you may be opting out of your retiree coverage and may not pick it up later. Please contact BenefitHelp Solutions if you have questions regarding this.

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Can I add my dependents on my retiree plan at any time?

No, dependents can only be added when you initially enroll in the retirement plan or if there is a family status change, such as marriage or birth of a child.

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My employer subsidizes part of my retiree premium. Will my bill reflect only the portion I have to pay?


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What are my options for paying my premium?

If you receive a PERS Pension check and your premium amount is less than the amount of the check, you can have your premium deducted from your pension check. If you do not receive a PERS pension check or do not want to have your premium deducted from your pension check, you can remit your premium via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by sending a check directly to BenefitHelp Solutions.

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When I become covered by Medicare and move to PERS can my spouse stay on my early retiree plan?

Yes, your spouse can stay on the early retiree plan until he or she becomes entitled to Medicare or otherwise loses eligibility.

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I sent a check for my payment and it was also deducted from my pension (EFT). How long will it take for me to get my refund?

Once we are notified that a double payment has been made for a specific month, we will issue a refund check. It typically takes 10 days or less for a refund to be processed.

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If my payment does not pull from my checking account or pension check, will you send me a bill?

Yes, once it has been identified that your automatic payment was not processed, we will send you a bill.

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Can I change plans, add or delete plans anytime I want to?

No, most retiree plans have specific regulations regarding changing plans or adding and deleting plans. Please contact BenefitHelp Solutions regarding your specific situation.

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Will you notify me of my premium amount after a change is made to my coverage, for example: to drop a dependent or at the beginning of each new year?

Yes, BenefitHelp Solutions will send you a confirmation letter anytime there is a change that affects your premiums.

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Do I need to advise BenefitHelp Solutions of an address change if I have notified the pension office?

Yes, BenefitHelp Solutions needs your current mailing address for sending you important information about the status of your medical coverage. You can submit an address change to BenefitHelp Solutions by visiting our web site (Address Change), calling our office or sending a written change of address.

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If I am under 65 and gain Medicare coverage can I continue my retiree coverage?

No, once you or one of your dependents are covered by Medicare (age in at 65 or Disability Medicare) retiree coverage ends. Call BenefitHelp Solutions right away if you or one of your dependents has or is about to have Medicare coverage.

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Will my dependents be offered COBRA coverage when they lose eligibility for retiree coverage due to reaching the maximum allowable age or if they no longer meet the dependent requirements?

Yes. Federal law mandates that your dependent be offered COBRA at the time of their loss of coverage. Under the federal COBRA guidelines, loss of coverage due to loss of dependent eligibility is a qualifying event.

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Can I continue on the retiree plan if I only take Medicare Part A ?

No, entitlement to Medicare occurs if you have only Part A.

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